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Hazardous Trees Near Your Home - Severe Weather Tips

Jackson, Miss. – The Mississippi Forestry Commission recommends having trees near your home inspected regularly for safety. After severe weather events, it is even more important to have a Certified Arborist assess these trees for damage.

“We encourage people to look at their trees at least once a year, and again after a severe weather event,” said Todd Matthews, Urban and Community Forestry Coordinator. “You can see trees starting to lean, cavities in the tree, cracks that open up, dead or torn limbs......

The Mississippi Forestry Commission (MFC) has been proud of our service to the public and protection of the state’s valuable forest resources since 1926. Committed to delivering quality services and assistance to both rural and urban landowners, the MFC looks forward to the continued privilege of caring for Mississippi’s trees, forests, and natural resources. Our Mission is to provide active leadership in forest protection, forest management, forest inventory, and effective forest information distribution, necessary for Mississippi's sustainable forest-based economy.


Charlie W. Morgan, Jr.
State Forester


Forest Health

Assisting timber owners in forest pest management by conducting forest pest surveys and evaluations.

Forest Information

Forest Information supports all MFC program areas by providing information to mass media outlets to release forestry and agency information to the public. A variety of delivery methods are used to reach people in the most effective manner.

Forest Management

Promoting management practices which maintain the integrity of the environment and provide for our future natural resource needs for both private and public landowners in Mississippi.

Forest Protection

Protecting our forests from both wildfire and illegal arson activities, forest protection ensures that Mississippi forests continue to flourish.