The Forest Resource Development Program (FRDP) was established in 1974 by the Mississippi Legislature to aid in the development of Mississippi’s forest economy.
The Mississippi Forestry Commission is responsible for coordinating the technical assistance components and financial elements of this program. The FRDP provides cost-share funding for tree planting and forest improvement practices for the purpose of long-term timber production. This program helps offset landowner's expenses by reimbursing a portion of the costs associated with implementing specific forestry practices designed to produce timber and enhance wildlife development. Cost-share payments cover approximately 50 to 75 percent (depending on the practice) of the total cost of implementing these forestry practices, with a maximum limit set for individual practices. Eligible landowners may receive up to $7,000 of FRDP assistance per year. In return, the landowner agrees to protect the area receiving FRDP assistance from fire and grazing and to manage the area properly for a minimum of ten years. On average, more than two million dollars each year is distributed to private forest landowners in FRDP assistance.
If would you like to participate in the FRDP, you may fill out your application online or contact your local MFC office.  Please note: Submission of this application does not guarantee participation in the FRDP or that cost-share funds will be available.  Your local MFC office will confirm funding amounts and participation in the FRDP when your application is finalized.
FRDP Codes and Cost Share Rates (08/19/2016)
The Forest Resource Development Program
FRDP History (1975 - Present)  (08/19/2016)

For more information on the Forest Resource Development Program, please contact:

Stacy Lewis
Forest Resource Development Program Coordinator
Northeast District Forester
P. O. Box 703
1711 McCullough Blvd.
Tupelo, MS 38802
Office: (662) 842-5312 
Fax: (662) 680-9999 
Cell: (662) 678-3730




Photo by Leslie Robertson, courtesy National Association of State Foresters